My album, Candescent, is FREE until Dec. 26th. Heres to holidays and fireplaces and good feelings and free tunes. 

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Merry Christmas dear ones.

Candescent by Kiersten Holine

Download it, guys! It’s wonderfultasticmazing! <3<3<3<3


Today is the day I officially start listening to Christmas music. I will be doing a holiday cover incredibly soon. UNTIL then, maybe my cover from last year can hold you over: 

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (alternate version) - Kiersten Holine

Everyone listen to this!


My summer side

That little wisp of hair makes me happy.


Felt like mixing it up a bit and doing an upbeat cover.

Little Bit (Lykke Li Cover) ~~ Kiersten Holine  



Due to hitting my 5,000 likes goal on my Facebook page today, all of my music on my Bandcamp will be FREE until 3:30 pm (PST) tomorrow (1/10)!! 

Seriously. All of it. Go click buy now and don’t be afraid to put a zero in that name your price box. 

Enjoy, keep spreading the word, and most importantly thank you SO much to those who have helped me reach this milestone.

I am convinced I have the greatest fans possible. 

Guys, Kiersten is an amazing musician and you should get her music.


My latest album, Candescent, will be 75% OFF until Thursday in honor of the holiday season! Just enter holiday1 at checkout. 

All I ask is that you maybe tell a friend about my tunes.
Hey thanks guys, hope you all are well!

I used the last of the money Jeremy loaned me to buy this. I wish that I could support you more, Kiersten. :)


New cover!

Only Son of the Ladies’ Man (Father John Misty cover)- Kiersten Holine

Kiersten, if you ever do a show in Phoenix, lemme know. I’d love to sing with you.