René Magritte



The Treachery of Images, 1928-29


The Human Condition, 1933


The Listening Room, 1952

René Magritte (1898-1967) was a Belgian artist of the Surrealist movement. Despite being recognised as one of the most well-known artists of the 20th century, Magritte didn’t really find much success until the 1950s. Like other surrealist artists, particularly Dalí, Magritte often used repeated imagery and symbols in his work, such as apples, suited men, covered faces and italic text.

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would you stop this

WAIT. i just reblogged this thinking this was the architectural outline for the building or something but then i realized in the outline there were OUTLINES OF PEOPLE meaning THIS IS A FUCKING PAINTING OR SOMETHING ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW

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Leonid Afremov is a passionate painter from Mexico who paints with palette knife with oil on canvas. He loves to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in his paintings, which are rich in different moods, colors and emotions.

I want all of these.

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"Stuff Being Thrown at My Head," a photo series by Latvian photographer Kaija Straumanis

I was expecting these photos to have some sort of deep meaning 

Then I scrolled down and they’re just called stuff being thrown at my head

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The apple looks more like an owl than the owl does.

I did this instead of work on finals someone better appreciate it

Everyone appreciate Megan’s art!