Methuselah Rookie Card by Snowing

the first 15 seconds of this song should have been the only thing on the Golden Record we sent on Voyager

I’m sorry, but blink did it first, and blink did it better.

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@gracehelbig and I are excited because we are taking This Might Get Weird Y’all on the road. Nashville! Charlotte! New Orleans! Atlanta! Houston! Tempe!


11/15 – Nashville:

11/16 – Charlotte:

11/22 – New Orleans:

11/23 – Atlanta:

12/5 – Houston:

12/7 – Tempe/Improv:

Well, it’s no #NoFilter but it’ll do. *buys ticket*



  • if you dont like the opening band/artist DONT BOO just nod your head a long. dont be rude
  • if someone is trying to leave the crowd fucking let them out. they could be hurt/about to pass out/etc.
  • that’s literally it just dont be an uber asshat ok thanks continue on

I just went to see Watsky a few hours ago, and here are some requests:

  • shit on whatever bands you’d like, but just be prepared for all the people around you to hate you
  • don’t be the guy who’s pushy - it’s awesome to be at a show where everyone’s jumping and having fun, but if i get any unwanted bruises or my toes crushed momma’s gonna have to spank you
  • water is given out for free everywhere except concerts - you shouldn’t have to pay but don’t be surprised if you do
  • i get it, you’re in line to buy one of those sick-ass shirts, but may i please get to the other side of the room?
  • always remember to be nice to a. the bartenders and b. the security guys because they’re just trying to have the least amount of people get hurt
  • and last but not least PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONE AWAY - nobody wants to see your shitty six second snapchat of a blurry blob which will blow out their phone’s speakers, and i can almost promise you that you won’t get any good pictures, chaos theory is cruel like that - your hands are all up in my face and you’re being obnoxious
  • oh last one please wear deodorant and be ready for sweaty

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Has anyone else noticed that February 2015 is the perfect month?





I actually let out a pleased little squeak when I saw this because ohhh man, that is beautiful.


Next one will be in 2026. Although this pushes the Sunday > Saturday calender which is icky compared to the Monday > Sunday calender.



Tumblr+ Black Widow movie

I don’t know if this has been done before and I really believe we will get the movie, but seriously, Marvel, you don’t even have to write it, just do it like Moffat and Gatiss and let Tumblr write the skript

if i don’t see a black widow movie before i die assume i’m still not dead

I’m gonna break a lot of hearts, but this won’t happen any time soon, and probably won’t ever. But you deserve to know why.

Short answer: Scarlet Johansson’s beautiful face.

Long answer.

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